Updating the National Transport Policy of Jordan

With funding by the World Bank, the id:rc is part of a consortium led by CPCS Transcom of Canada that has been tasked with updating the National Transport Policy of Jordan. The overall objective of the assignment is to contribute to the long-term development of Jordan’s transport sector, while taking into account challenges, growth demands, and the government’s strategic plans and priorities.  The assignment will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of Jordan’s existing National Transport Policy in light of the revised Transport Sector Strategy, identify policy, legal, and regulatory gaps, and develop recommendations to improve the existing transport policy gaps. The recommendations will be developed in light of international best practices and be tailored to Jordan’s specific context. In doing so, the analysis will place a special focus on the following themes across all sub-sectors and issues: multimodality, climate change, inclusion (including on the inclusion of women and vulnerable groups), private sector participation, technology, and regional integration.