Implement a detailed demand-supply gap analysis to inform strategic action planning for enhancing FDI-local firm linkages in Jordan.

The World Bank Group is engaged in a comprehensive “Program for Results” intervention in Jordan, which  is supported by a parallel advisory program called the Jordan Investment Promotion Program. Furthermore, a revised free-trade agreement (FTA) with the European Union (EU) presents a good opportunity to strengthen Jordan’s manufacturing base through attracting new foreign investment in 18 designated special economic zones. Improved linkages between FDI in those zones, and the local economy will help avoid the emergence of enclave operations, help embed foreign investors more firmly in the domestic economy, and encourage foreign investors to apply a more long-term perspective in Jordan.

In light of the above, the WBG has contracted the service of the id:rc to help determine the exact scope and scale for increasing linkages between foreign investors and domestic firms in Jordan as well as opportunities for increasing domestic value addition through the attraction of competitive foreign suppliers to Jordan where appropriate.  An id:rc team will conduct a detailed survey and analysis of both the demand and supply side to: (1) inform strategic action planning in Jordan around FDI-SME linkages development; (2) inform the planning of capacity building activities at relevant Government entities to improve and conduct targeted matchmaking services in the short term and; (3) to identify some areas where early results can be achieved by identifying key companies (on both the demand and supply side) and concrete specific business opportunities in the short term. The results of this effort will help the Government of Jordan to leverage FDI for broader economic development.