“Cities” Implementing Transparent, Innovative, and Effective Solutions!

The id:rc is part of a consortium led by Chemonics International that was just awarded this 5-year USAID project to make municipal governance more effective in Jordan. The project will develop innovative and sustainable solutions to service delivery, capacity constraints, and community cohesion in Jordanian governance structures that are closest to citizens and best able to appreciate and respond to their expressed needs. Achieving sustainable results and impact will require a thorough knowledge of and coordination with USAID and USG implementing partners and other donors working in Jordan. Project components include:

  • Improving the delivery of core services.
  • Increasing the sustainability of core municipal government operations.
  • Building the responsiveness of decentralized government to the identified needs of their citizens, and of those citizens to exercise their right to articulate their needs.
  • Enhancing the capacity of municipalities and the people who live in them to promote community cohesion and resilience, and mitigate social tensions stemming from stressors such as poor service delivery and the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis.