Community Based Initiatives For Water Demand Management-Endline Survey

The id:rc has just been contracted to conduct an end line survey for the Community Based Initiatives for Water Demand Management project funded by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by Mercy Corps. The program is designed to reduce social and economic impact of water resource limitations in communities of Jordan with external stressors. This goal was achieved through building the capacity of 175 local Community-Based Organizations (CBOs); building community capacity in water resources management through the adoption and implementation of water and energy related projects, improving water supply in target communities of Northern Jordan; and finally enabling Jordanian hosts and Syrian refugees to identify and address current and emerging stressors related to water resources scarcity.

The id:rc M&E team will implement a household survey and a CBO institutional assessment to examine the extent to which the project has met its anticipated results, and identify lessons learned.