Entrepreneurship Pilot to Promote Economic Opportunities for Jordanians and Syrians.

The World Bank is implementing a business networks intervention in which small groups of Syrian and Jordanian entrepreneurs and business owners regularly meet to discuss business issues and establish new partnerships.

This intervention facilitates business interactions between and among immigrants and locals, reducing knowledge gaps, building trust, and improving supplier-client matching. The main objective of this intervention is to foster entrepreneurship, business growth, and job creation among refugees and host Jordanians through a business networking intervention.

To this end, the id:rc was just contracted to conduct a baseline survey using a pre-designed survey tool developed by the WB. The survey covers 3,000 Jordanian and Syrian micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and potential entrepreneurs located in Jordan. The survey focuses on different areas such as business characteristics, assets, and operations, finances, employees, attitudes, consumption, and management. The id:rc is working on finalizing the baseline survey instrument, preparing sample frame and conducting a listing of firms to draw the sample of 3,000 firms, implementing the baseline survey (in different phases), and completing the data entry, and sharing the baseline survey data with the World Bank.