Jordan Economic Reform Activity

As part of the Chemonics International led Jordan Economic Reform Activity Task Order 1 (ERA TO1) funded by USAID, and in collaboration with USAID’s Public Financial Management and Administration (PFMA) activity, the id:rc is leading a Trade Transaction Study, which is a first of its kind in Jordan.  The study will undertake a thorough analysis of the costs associated with trade transactions, encompassing both imports and exports, conducted through selected customs centers in Jordan. The study aims to gauge the expenses related to handling, transporting, clearing, storing, and distributing goods, encompassing various stages of the supply chain. Furthermore, the study will address informal costs linked to trade, necessitating the utilization of diverse data sources. The study will focus on the following customs centers: (1) the Port of Aqaba, (2) Amman Customhouse, (3) Queen Alia International Airport, and (4) Omari land border crossing.