Perceptions Of Levels Of Harassment Of Women In Sulaimania (IRAQ)

As part of a pilot project to promote the city of Sulaimania in northern Iraq as part of the global “Safer Cities” programme, UNWomen contracted the id:rc to carry out a survey of women and girls in central downtown Sulaimania to help identify those areas of the central city that are considered to be less safe for women than other areas, and to determine the reasons for this perception. The findings of the survey will form the basis for building the pilot project to make Sulaimania a safer city for all its residents.
The Safer Cities model is an integrated and multi-sectorial approach to improving the live ability of cities and quality of life for all urban residents. It is developed on the basis that good urban governance, planning and management can contribute to improving the safety of neighborhoods and seeks to move its city partners away from a traditional focus on improving security through the criminal justice system toward a more preventive approach that tackles root causes of violence and insecurity.