Third-Party Monitoring Agent for Emergency and Operation for Development Project

The World Bank is currently financing the implementation of the Emergency Operation for Development Project (EODP) for US$350 million through an International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) loan. This operation is intended to support the Government of Iraq (GoI) in meeting the dual challenge of reconstructing and restoring services to liberated municipal areas while laying the foundations for longer-term development. Given the emergency nature of the project, it is designed to implement rapidly.
To mitigate the current security constraints in Iraq, the Bank engaged id:rc as a Third Party Monitoring Agent to conduct site inspection visits and reports covering desk review, Technical implementation, Social and Environmental safeguard issues for the ongoing WB-IBRD’s supported project in Iraq. The assignment involves:
a) Physical verification (technical and safeguards) of 15% of the overall active subprojects sites and assets and their respective components in quantitative and qualitative outputs.
b) Report to the World Bank and the implementing entity on project implementation and compliance with contract terms (technical and safeguards).
c) Report on the delivery of intended outputs.
d) Report on challenges faced by the implementing entity and field consultants.
e) Monitor the compiled lessons from activity verification and output monitoring to generate reports on lessons learned and recommendations for improving monitored projects.